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    The concept of Air Freight



    Freight or cargo refers to all kinds of manufacturing goods, articles or merchandise conveyed by various mediums such as air, water or land. In other words, it is large shipments of goods or produces transported usually for commercial gain. So, freight transport is the process of shipping or carrying commercial or non-commercial goods from point A to B.


    What is Air freight?


    Air freight or cargo is any property which is carried in an aircraft. Although air freight is quite exorbitant, it is a suitable medium for the long-distance movement of goods. Furthermore, it is often one of the fastest modes of transportation, thereby making it even more preferable.


    Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

    Generally, it is suitable for coordinating time-sensitive shipments to almost anywhere in the world. Interestingly, this is favorable for small companies as it allows them to involve in international trade in an efficient and effective manner.  Moreover, it offers the advantage of the high level of security as airport control over cargo is strictly handled.


    1.The Fastest Mode

    For quick movement and timely arrival of goods, air freight is the best option available as compared to the sea freight or road transport.

        2. Reliability

    Airlines are reliable because of timely arrival and departure. Therefore, even a missing flight doesn't lead to any kind of hassle or delay; as flights depart in almost every one hour. Hence, it is time-effective and one doesn’t have to wait for the next day.

        3. Large Global Network and Reach


    Air freight has an upper-hand over other the means of transport is that it has a large network of places which are open for conveyance.  In other words, almost every location gets covered without leaving out smaller countries of the world and opens up opportunities for them. Hence, it leads to a wider reach and more customers are served.

       4. Low Insurance Premium

    The insurance premium is dependent on the movement of air freight. As the cargo takes less time in-route, the insurance premium gets lower. Therefore, the less time package is in-route, the lower the risk of it being lost/stolen and increase in savings because of lower insurance cost.

       5. High Level of Security


    Shipping by air gives the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are strictly handled. The airport controls also reduce cargo exposure to theft and damage.

       6. Less packaging required

    While packing to transport via land or sea, one must make sure that the packaging is done correctly to avoid damage. To absorb bumps and drops, people prefer heavy or bulky packaging. Air freight has an advantage of lighter packing which reduces unnecessary expenses as well as time.

       8. Cargo Tracking


    Nowadays, there are many freight companies which give the chance to track the goods through the website or mobile application. So, one can monitor the status by tracking it from where it started till it gets delivered to keep them aware and updated about the time of arrival.




    In the end, the basics of air freight and the importance of integrating air cargo shipping in supply chain clears the fact that one must pick out well-qualified and experienced yet the cheapest transporter available.

    Make sure that your property or cargo is managed by the professionals who already have the links as well as understanding about the freight shipping. Don’t leave any chance and start well so that it ends well.

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