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    Single Window Solutions For All International Logistics Requirements- ABS Logistics’s Revolutionary Step

    Logistics and Supply Chain is one of the largest and growing sectors of the economy. Domestic and International market trends vary from industry to industry and logistics is one such economy that is rapidly growing regarding trends and functionality. With increased global interactions and cross- nation culture has given logistics a new facade to perform business-related activities. International trading system and logistics have been intertwined in a way that both the verticals are inseparable from each other.

    Logistic units require a lot of dependence, crisp communication, and the play revolves around time and resources. International trade since its introduction has eased out so many once complicated processes. The modern supply chain is driven by efficiency, keeping security constraints in sync.

    The newest trend witnessed by the logistics and supply chain enterprise is single window solutions.


    What is a Single Window solution in a logistics industry?

    As defined by UNECE, a single window is defined as a system of support that enables associated parties of trade to lodge documents and standardized information with a single-entry point to record end to end regulatory data in the electronic form. The benefits of this procedure are manifolds and have impacted the working structure of the industry.

    With a single window, one must rest back assured that the cargo will be safe and clear all the custom related formalities easily as all the relevant data is stored electronically at the time of commencement.

    ABS Logistics has started a new wave of trading culture in the arena of logistics and supply chain.

    ABS Logistics is one of the leading and global freight forwarding service providing enterprise. We aim to offer high-end services to our associates while helping them with comprehensive solutions using the single window solution for all international trades. With a motto to improvise & revolutionize client’s supply chain processes, we aim to stand right by our name ABS- Always Best Services.

    We always stand one-legged up for our clients and offer a wide array of services to our clients like Air and Ocean Freight, Transport, Customs, Cargo management, and its Insurance, Quality Inspection and security, tracking and communication along with packaging and distribution.

    With a rich experience of handling the processes of logistics industry and a celebrated clientele, our success story is recited by the ROI generated by each of our associates. We take pride in calling ourselves experts and push ourselves in the forward direction for a better trading culture.


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