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    Over Dimensional Cargo Movement - Problems and Solutions

    How to find whether a cargo is Over Dimensional?

    Every cargo in the market does not fit within the standard dimensions and those that go beyond are referred to as Over Dimensional Cargo or ODC. Anything above 40 feet length, 8.25 feet height and 8.25 feet width is classified as an over-dimensional cargo.

    Industries that have ODC’s and their nature

    The recent boom in the infrastructure industry has led to an increase in the need for these mega transports.  Power industry, nuclear power plants, railways, telecom industries and some more prominent industries are depending on logistics handlers to transport their cargo safely. Not only these cargoes are fragile in nature but also the stakes are high. Imagine an ODC being transported for long distances and there is some damage in the last leg of the journey. It will be a catastrophe not only for the cargo handler but also for the client.

    What should be done before the cargo is set in motion?

    The cargos demand highly skilled labour coupled with precise and advanced machinery. Right from loading, transporting and loading the need for caution is very high. Center of gravity should also be taken into account while loading to ensure everything falls in place. Loading cranes, forklifts, tools and all other necessary equipment should be customized to fit an Over Dimensional Cargo. Sometimes the cargo handling team might have to be present right from the manufacturing stage to ensure right facilities are provided in the manufacturing stage to make sure proper hooks are provided to facilitate smooth transportation of the cargo. While transporting ODC via roads, multiple agencies should be approached for permissions which makes the already gruesome task much more complicated. Central Government has laid out norms for ODC’s but the state government’s rules may vary depending upon the region.  Permissions from the authorities are mandatory before the cargo is put into the road.

    Curveballs after the cargo are dynamic

    Road transportation of ODC has its own challenges. The cargo must be loaded with utmost precision to avoid any mishaps. Conditions of the roads also play a crucial role in transporting the ODC as most of the upcoming projects happen in an underdeveloped region making it hard for transportation. The weight of the cargo, weather conditions, number of axles, dimensions of the road all play a major role in deciding the feasibility to move the cargo. And most important of them all is the skill set of the vehicle pilot. He should not only be experienced but should be able to adapt to the conditions and be able to make quick decisions in times of distress.

    Future of ODC transportation

    “Make in India” has fuelled the growth of ODC packages.  As we are taking larger steps towards mammoth projects, ODC movement will be much more frequent. This also implies that infrastructure will develop accordingly. Given the growth rate, it will not take long for these developments to come into shape. The industry is already on a rapid growth upwards and this trend is set to continue in the near future. Though we are behind the west in facilitating the movement of ODC, the rising demand for cargo movement will facilitate growth in an efficient way. 

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