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    International Warehousing Trends 2018

    In the dynamic and thriving industry of warehouses and logistics, technological advancement has a crucial role in the key transformation of ongoing trends. The efficiency and effectiveness of a company depend upon the capabilities of warehouses from skillful storage to the time when the inventory is shipped. If you are linked to this industry as a client or even if you are a part of the warehousing industry, you will love to read these emerging trends of 2018.


    1.    Safety

    Nowadays, companies have become more aware of the need to effectively implement health and safety policies to reduce the risks of accidents at work. Warehouse management is responsible to ensure the safety of staff and the legal implications of not having an effective safety policy.


    2.    Automation

    Internationally, various companies for their operations have started to shift to semi-automated or automated warehousing solutions as it enhances efficiency and effectively boosts return on investment. Furthermore, it minimizes the long-term costs and labor demands. Usually, these systems are reserved for bigger industries but smaller warehousing companies are taking a step towards its semi-automated solutions to turn into full automation in the years to come.



    3.    Wearable Technology

    Wearable devices or technology are smart devices which have micro-controllers that can be worn on fingers and wrist as accessories or as implants and can be put on clothing and glasses as well. Nowadays, companies are smartly investing in it to extract the maximum benefits by delivering as much information as possible. Apart from its commercial, health, and fitness benefits, activity trackers are utilized by warehouses to check the movement of their employees, their efficiency, smart work, need for breaks and its duration etc. it is a category of technology devices which is expanding rapidly in all areas.


    4.    Big Data

    Big data is useful and successful when companies derive the maximum benefits out of it. Moreover, the quality of data matters more than the quantity.

    Big data, as the term reveals, refers to a large amount of data which might be structured or unstructured, that businesses exploit to analyze for insights in order to increase productivity and make better decisions. Data collection is possible with advanced tools such as barcode scanners. Large companies such as Amazon uses a barcode scanner to stay informed about every item that goes out of their warehouses. Now, barcodes are more advanced and hold more data than before like the origin of the product, its destination, price, photograph, stock levels etc that too with just a scan!


    5.    Redefining the Warehouse

    The image of a warehouse is similar to a huge square building with massive space and innumerable shelves. But now warehouse is set to go through aesthetic, logistical and geographic changes as well. With the rise in transactions on e-commerce, warehousing companies have come to a realization that they will require more space in the coming years. This has led to the innovation in the design with the use of sustainable material, changes in height of the ceiling, etc.



    Therefore, the technological advancement and customer preferences have accelerated the discoveries and widened the vision for warehousing industry to groom.  At ABS Logistics, we are continuously striving to fulfill your needs. To know more about us:

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